Sept. 16, 2022

Once upon a time there was a solar installer...

Once upon a time, there was a solar installer. Think that sounds funny? Well, why not a solar installer?

Probably True Solar Stories is a podcast about the secret solar stories and the secret solar people that you never hear about. Why don’t you hear about them? Because they're not real. They’re fiction. Why fiction? Because it’s always more fun to make shit up. 

Also, because solar energy is increasingly part of daily life, but we never hear about solar's real heroes, villains, legends, pets, pests, and politicians who are changing U.S. culture and lives. They're too busy. So, we're going to tell the “probably true stories” that might have happened, could have happened, and shouldn't have happened, but did anyway.

Probably True Solar Stories are written and read by Tor “Solar Fred” Valenza. Tor is a former film and TV writer and current solar public relations geek, who shares true solar news stories every day on Twitter at @SolarFred. But those news stories are mostly boring. Subscribe to Probably True Solar Stories to get the strange and wonderful ones. What’s your solar story? 

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