Probably True Solar Stories

Sponsorships & Live Events

What's your solar story?

Your solar company has a story. Your team has a story. Your customers have a story. You have a story.

But real stories can sometimes be boring and sound like a sales pitch. Bummer.

So, instead of a case study, testimonial, or blah, blah video ad, tell your creative Probably True Solar Story and become a sponsor.

Mini-brand story ads

Working with your company, Tor will write an original 2-minute brand story that starts with "Once upon a time..." with a beginning, middle, and a happy ending; a call-to-action, and a website URL. Contact us for pricing and more details about what's included.

Be a part of a Probably True Solar Story episode

We generally use anonymous or no brands in our PTSS episodes. Contact us about how your solar product or service can be included as part of a past or upcoming Probably True Solar Story episode that can be shared with customers, employees, friends, families, and pets. NOTE: Since your brand will be a permanent part of a fictional story that will eventually be published in print and digital forms, we are very selective about the brands that we include.

Create an original Probably True Solar Story for your brand

Work with former TV writer and solar pro, Tor "Solar Fred" Valenza, to write and produce your very own Probably True Solar Story podcast episode. Your story won't be true, but it will be relevant, entertaining, and memorable. Plus, it will be shared on the Probably True Solar Stories podcast as a sponsored episode. We can only do three sponsored episodes per year, so reach out for details

Sponsor live readings at conferences, company retreats, and company events

Podcasts are great, but live readings are exciting and interactive. Bring laughter, storytelling, and emotion to your clean energy trade show or private company event. In addition to reading two-to-three stories from the podcast archives, we can also inspire audiences to create their own probably true solar stories through improv prompts. Of course, we can also read your original story. (See above.) Find out more.

True storytelling workshops

Okay. Maybe you're not into the fiction thing. But perhaps you're an executive that would like to learn how to tell engaging true stories to customers, on social media, or when invited to speak. Using traditional "The Moth" storytelling techniques, Solar Fred will work with you and/or your team to tell your personal or team's best true stories that resonate and stay with listeners. Contact us for more info.