Probably True Solar Stories


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PTSS made my day

We can all use a little extra creativity. Tor Valenza has creativity to spare. I'd put Probably True Solar Stories right up there with the 1980's-era Funk & Wagnalls series, Charlie Brown's 'Cyclopedia: Super Questions and Answers and Amazing Facts. Both score high on entertainment and educational value. Bravo!

Thank you for this!

Such a great podcast. Very informative and inspiring.

All the fun under the sun

If one more serious energy gabfest feels like too much, this is a fun break. Well-produced, imaginative, and lightly educational if you know nothing about solar. But listen for the stories first, solar second.

The most fun you’ll have listening to a podcast!

Are you solar-curious? Never think about solar at all? Already have solar? Whatever your situation, Probably True Solar Stories will inform and inspire you — while also being highly entertaining! Who knew solar stories could be so creative? This is one podcast you don’t want to miss.